Tiny Resin Stud Earrings, Itsy Bitsy Earrings, Silver-plated Stud Earrings, 24kt Gold Earrings

  • $14.00

I love how tiny these Itsy Bitsy Stud Earrings are. They are small enough for a child, but comfortable and stylish enough for everyone to wear!

Choose from multiple colors and from 24kt Gold Plated or Silver Plated. (See photo for color options.) All are tear drop shaped, except for one pair of Triangle Studs.

A. 24kt Gold Plated Dark Teal Blue with a Gold Accent
B. 24kt Gold Plated Aqua/White
C. Silver Plated Aqua with Purple/Blue Accent
D. Silver Plated Aqua & Blue
E. Silver Plated Dark Teal with Silver Accent
F. Silver Plated Orange/Red with White Accent Triangles

See US Dime Photo for size comparison.

(Expect color variations depending upon the monitor you are using.)