The Rainbow

  • $25.00

Our MOST popular Art Show item is now available for purchase online.

This is a Rainbow LED Auto on/off Nightlight. One of the features I love about this night Light is that it has totally different look when if is turned on.

Imagine looking at your night light and experiencing something completely different when the room is dark and your light is glowing compared to what you are looking at during the daylight. That is exactly what you get with these unique Night Lights... a truly different experience when the lights are on or off.

These cool to the touch, 3x3 (inches), LED Night Lights, would make the perfect addition to your bathroom or everyday home decor. They have an automatic sensor to turn on/off according to the light in the room, so just simply plug it in and ENJOY!

*More will be added soon with Beach Inspired themes. Stay tuned!

The way the colors come together to form a beautiful and unique experience is sure to add a touch of warmth and style to your decor. In beach scene decor night lights, I specifically left bubbles on the backing to make it appear as though it's floating on water or add depth.

These are plug in nightlights. If your bathroom is dark like mine, they will stay on all day. If the area where it is being put is bright, it will not turn on until it is dark. To test it just put your finger over the small circle that is the sensor. I have been enjoying mine for 3 years now, without incident. That also includes little hands playing with it. Email us at with any question.