Lavender and Mussel Shell

  • $75.00

One of the most overlooked shells on the beach is completely transform into a simplistic yet beautiful piece of Beach Home Decor. This beautiful floating frame was used to create a wreath look, out of Mussel Shells, Fresh Lavender and Mini Starfish Accents.

This Resin piece measures 11.5 inches x 9.5 inches and would fit comfortably on a wall, or anywhere that you need just a touch of the beach. The frame is reflective driftwood with its gray/brown coloring. (Hardware not included)

📌 Resin Art should be put in a temperature controlled environment. Huge fluctuations in temperature will compromised the art and we will not be held responsible. If placing in direct sunlight, just like all plastic it will yellow over time. We use high quality resin, that has been proven to be UV resistant, but again... it is a form of plastic.

***Shipping is USPS Priority Mail (1 - 3 days) for insurance and speed of shipping. All Shipping Overages over $1 will be refunded. Please see FAQ regarding Shipping Questions.

Materials: Resin, Purchased Frame, Mussel Shells, Dried Lavender, Mini Starfish.