Teal or Green Crushed Shell Underwater Ornament

  • $16.00

Teal or Green Crushed Shell with Miniature Seashell Accents used to create a one of a kind water scene. The way the resin is used to create a water like scene makes this truly unique. I purposefully left bubbles in the resin to give you the full water experience.

You may or may not receive the item pictured. Each one will be different and unique to itself, but the style will be the same. 

This would make a wonderful gift for an ornament Exchange party or as a gift for a beach lover. It doesnt have to only go on your tree. We use ours on our windows for everyday decor.

Jute twine is used as an Accent and as a hanger for these ornaments.  

They ornament itself is measures 4 inches in length and is a 100ml ornament. It is made with plastic so that it is shatterproof. 

*We use high quality ArtResin. As with all plastic, resin will yellow over time when placed in direct sunlight. If left in an attic during hot months, it may lose it shape.