About Us

Handcrafted Home Decor and Jewelry inspired by LBI & Barnegat Light. Fill your home with LBI Love from my Etsy Shop.

Drifting Purpose, LLC, began with an idea based on our unique opportunity of living on the Jersey Shore. This is where we collect the Ocean's Bounty, while walking the beaches and enjoying the sounds of the waves. We take pride in making sure that most of the items created in our shop are found right here on Long Beach Island. Our Scallop Shells come straight from the docks at Viking Village in Barnegat Light, as well as all of our Genuine Sea Glass and Driftwood. We buy our other items (i.e. Starfish, urchins, etc) from other Etsy Sellers and Small Family Businesses to help support Small Businesses like us.

Re-purposing the Ocean's Bounty has also given us the chance to help keep our beaches clean of debris and trash. This is our way of saying Thank you to Ocean, while giving back to our community we love.

Drifting Purpose, LLC takes pride in providing customers with original work whether it is handwritten or handmade. Kate is constantly challenging herself to create new and unique items, while staying ahead of the trends/desires of her customer base. Kate's Sketch Book is a window into Who and Why, Drifting Purpose, LLC. was created. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Drifting Purpose, LLC. Check back often as Kate's newest obsession is Resin!