Genuine Sea Glass and Shells Pineapple Art

  • $40.00

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"Be a Pineapple! Stand Tall, Wear a Crown, and Be Sweet on the Inside!"

This quote is part of meaning behind this Genuine Sea Glass and Shells Art! It's the beautiful display of the beach that would go with any decor, in any room.

The Genuine Green Sea Glass and Shells are delicately placed on a 8x10 canvas.

The Beige (almost Cream wood-like) 8x10 "Shadowbox" Frame with a white mat to help accent the beauty of the Sea Glass and Shell Pineapple.

The frame is not handmade, but purchased to make it a complete gift for you.

*All of the sea glass in Drifting Purpose is hand collected from the beaches of Long Beach Island, NJ. It is tumbled lovingly by the ocean and given new life with you.